The healthy habits of dietary supplement users

These survey highlights were part of the signature data reported by the Council for Responsible Nutrition throughout its 20+ year history of fielding its Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements through Ipsos.

CRN’s annual Consumer Survey on Dietary Supplements year after year reports that dietary supplement users practice healthy habits, demonstrating an understanding that supplements are just one component of a healthy lifestyle. Did you know three-quarters of Americans take dietary supplements and most users agree they are essential to maintaining health?

Learn more about the healthy habits of dietary supplement users:

According to CRN’s 2023 survey, more dietary supplement users say they try to eat a balanced diet than non-users.

More dietary supplement users report that they visit their doctor regularly.

More dietary supplement users than non-users report exercising regularly.

More supplement users than non-users say they get a good night’s sleep.

More supplement users than non-users maintain a healthy weight.