Case Studies

Case study: Promoting a conference with no agenda

A common challenge smaller organizations can face with events marketing is needing to start promotion while concurrently building the agenda and securing speakers. This challenge was exacerbated during the pandemic when speakers and attendees alike were non-committal when it came to the prospect of travel, or weighing the value of virtual conference engagement.

The CRN trade association tapped into its longstanding reputation to entice event registrants in uncertain times and minimize loss.

Amplifying our best member testimonials, we called on others to share and gathered authentic marketing content from more of our satisfied attendees.

We created a marketing video used in emails, social media, and more—and even used excerpted quotes in text treatments to get the most mileage from our testimonials while we developed a full agenda to market.

Eventually the event agenda was secured and the association’s marketing got a second wind. Leveraging CRN events’ reputation for providing value, as shared through trusted industry peer testimonials delivered through the Gather Voices platform, allowed the association to acquire a comfortable baseline of early registrations to help establish momentum.