Case Studies

Case study: ‘Daily Supplement’ newsletter helps association members in their jobs

The CRN Daily Supplement is a newsletter I created for the Council for Responsible Nutrition, a trade association of the dietary supplement and functional food industry, in the period just after the pandemic.

Identifying a need for a daily touchpoint with our dietary supplement and functional food industry executive members, we leveraged our longstanding biweekly newsletter content pipeline, re-assessed the cadence, and enhanced our editorial standards to deliver quick, easily-digestible, “need-to-know” updates and inspirational insights to support them in their jobs.

We utilized the Axios HQ platform to institutionalize the new data-driven editorial standards adopted and help ensure we stay up to date.

A key vehicle for content marketing to the association’s broadest client base—its existing members—the CRN Daily Supplement includes stories on the association’s opportunities for engagement in its committees, educational offerings via webinars and conferences, and staff expertise. 

A quarterly “unlocked” digest made available to non-members through the association’s website and social media promotion extends the Daily Supplement’s value to prospective members as well. The content also comprised sell pieces used in one-on-one connections, as leave-behinds, and more.

The newsletter also provides a platform for spotlighting associate members—such as consultants, law firms, laboratories, third-party certifiers—and contract manufacturers that provide services to the voting categories of members.